To provide an education that will strengthen the qualities of mind, heart and soul: to create a society of progressive, caring and thoughtful individuals who contribute to the intellectual development of the global community by initiating positive changes in the social fabric.

To nurture young minds to look beyond the horizon of their own countries and communities and help to strengthen the bond of peace and understanding around them and make conscious effort to generate the true spirit of internationalism and create a new world order for the realization of individual and collective aspirations of mankind for a peaceful, safe, secure and just global society.


To provide the finest quality of education for the holistic development of personality, and an environment conducive to the development of progressive ideas and creative thinking. An education that will evolve in step with changes that take place globally in the field of science, commerce and arts; and create an awareness for saving the physical as well as the social environment through practical community service. To provide the infrastructure and facilities comparable to the best in any part of the world.

To set new qualitative goals and standards in education by employing personal innovative approaches to tap the unique potential of every child and bring out the best in him. Our aim is to bring world class education within the grasp of more and more children in the society, in a safe, healthy, friendly, loving and caring environment.s