Chairman message


It had always been our dream to build a conglomerate of institutions for quality, innovation and excellence and create grads with knowledge and competence that can help script success stories; create those who strive not just for survival but excel in whatever they do.

We have been consistently catering to the social masses of India through our publication house and in continuation of our quest for bringing quality educational tools to the doorsteps of millions of Indians; Vidya Parivar has been adding values to world class education at Vidya Knowledge Park.

Hosting more than half a dozen professional institutions, We aspire to realize the vision of our forefathers by being a facilitator in empowering Indian youth. We offer quality education in various fields with the help of best of the faculty supported by the latest technologies for the complete development of students. We are working towards changing the face of the education being offered in India by consistently employing better resources, tools and techniques to be a fore runner in the education world.

We believe in and have an unswerving conviction in well-rounded personality and holistic development. We believe healthy mind lives in a healthy body, and we therefore have a dedicated Sports Academy for the purpose. We strive hard to train and equip our students to get placed in top notch corporate and business units by honing, transforming and tapping the latent potential and talent dormant in them.

Pradeep Kumar Jain
Vidya Knowledge Parks