As the students transit from childhood to adolescence, Middle School offers a caring, safe, and supportive environment which encourages the young teenager to tackle challenges in a culture of nurtured risk-taking. They are pushed beyond their comfort zones to build on their resilience, character, and robust problem-solving skills.

The rigorous academic curriculum in the Middle School focuses on encouraging students to become independent learners and deepen their knowledge and skills in the 5 core subjects: English, Math, Science, Social Sciences and Hindi. In addition, children are introduced to a foreign language and have the choice of deciding on any one of the 6 languages taught at school.

Interdisciplinary projects encourage connections to be drawn between all subject areas and learning is a conscious effort that helps them relate to the world they live in. The Civics program introduces them to active citizenship. Discourse and deliberations help them to develop the skills of critical thinking, communication and dispositions which enable one to solve problems logically.

Club activities within the school timetable provide space to explore students’ interest in visual and performing arts, environment study, digital information technology, robotics, elocution, and literary activities. A healthy balance exists that infuses the school day with moments of euphoric buoyancy! Young minds mingle in a campus that embraces diversity of perspectives, identity, a spirit of service that enables strengthening of linkages through communication and collaborative assignments.

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