The true laboratory is the mind, where we uncover the laws of truth behind illusions.

Jagdish Chandra Bose

student council

A laboratory is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments, and measurement are performed.

School labs are a great place for students, which help them enhance their learning by understanding the theoretical concepts of science taught in classrooms.

Well-designed laboratories not only make science experiments fun but also help students in achieving good academic results. This helps students to remember the studies in a better way by conducting experiments themselves. It gives students first-hand experience and offers better learning opportunities.

A laboratory is not a contest whose object is to get the "right answer", but the purpose is to learn how to gain knowledge, observe, and learn the meaning of what happens.

Laboratories! We HAVE.

a. Physics Lab

b. Chemistry Lab

c. Biology Lab

d. Computer Lab

e. Mathematics lab

f. Fine arts

g. Medical lab

Computer labs

Due to the increased use of modern technology, computers play a major role in schools. So it must have better sources of information to reach out to students. We have three IT labs that can accommodate 40 students with High-speed internet connectivity to provide students with internet access under supervision.

Chemistry lab

This laboratory has all the necessary equipment to prepare samples and standards for various liquid and solid samples analyses. Students undertake practical work which develops experimental and design skills, data collection and analytical capabilities, problem-solving skills, and professional practice. We have in our lab- distillation unit UV treatment system with full safety measures and a capacity of 40 students at a time.

Biology lab

The Biology Laboratory is equipped with modern pieces of equipment and apparatus. The study of biology provides students with opportunities to understand our living world. It helps us understand the living world and the ways its many species (including humans) function, evolve and interact.

Mathematics lab

The mathematics lab provides an opportunity for the students to discover mathematics through practicals. It is a place where one can find a collection of games, puzzles, and other teaching and learning material, where anybody can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. And a place to enjoy mathematics through informal exploration.

Physics lab

The physics laboratory is a place where experiments of Physics are carried out. Physics is that branch of science where experimentation is an integral part of the core subject. We offer a fully equipped laboratory that helps students understand the role of direct observation in physics and to distinguish between inferences based on theory and the outcomes of experiments.

Fine arts

Art gives meaning to our lives and helps us understand our world. Art and crafts help young children explore and express their emotions, share how they relate to their family and friends, talk about their difficulties, future dreams and aspirations. The purpose of art is to produce thinking. We have a fully equipped art lab that offers Students to enhance creativity and explore themselves.

Medical lab

We have a fully functional medical room for someone injured or taken ill on the premises, which can be taken for first aid and to await the arrival of professional emergency medical services or their Guardian. Maximum possible care is being taken of children during school hours. Parents are kept informed of the health status of their wards. The school provides Dispensary facilities within the school Premises which includes all kinds of first aid, medicines and other minor medical services.

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