Transport Fee

Dear Guardian of Vidya Global School,

We are happy for your association with "Vidya Global School" for the session. We have been working in the direction of making our communication and school policies candid and supportive for smoothly meeting the educational imperative as per vision and mission of Vidya Global School. In this compliance the school has framed a policy document that you are required to read and receive in compliance for the same.

Transport Policy:

1. Transport facility shall be granted as per the availability of the transport and as per the number of seats available for each route. There will be limited seats and would be allocated on the basis of first come first serve. It is mandatory to book your seat in the school transport for the specific route before 28th of March. Student opting for the transport later than 28th March will only be registered for transport, according to the availability of seats. Else parent will have to opt for the self-mode of transportation.
2. Bus option once taken will be applicable for the full year.
3. Transport facilities will not be subjected to stop or change for the pick-up points, during the session as per policy matter.
4. Withdrawing transport registration during the session will account for full session fee and will only be exempted if the specific seat has been allocated to some other child. Else it would be payable to school and would be accepted in schools account office as per specified account policy.
5. Transport fee will be payable for whole year on quarterly basis only as per specified account policy.
6. All Buses strictly follow all norms stipulated by the Government from time to time and ensure impeccable "Safety & Security" of the children.

Responsibilities of Students and Guardians

1. Guardians will drop their children to the school bus or pick-up point well before time. In the event of any delay from their part, they bear the responsibility of dropping their children to the school without any responsibility on the part of the School Transport Department.
2. Assist in training and educating their children on the importance of safety and how to wait for the school bus and board it.
3. Report to the Management of the school / transport department regarding any offence or failure on the part of the Attendant/driver as per school’s communication policy.
4. The bus attendants have been given the instructions to return the student to the school if there is no person to collect the student at the time of returning home and guardians are responsible for any associated outcome.
5. The student must maintain cleanliness of the bus and advise the school management or his / her guardian in case the driver or any other student breaches the rules in transit.
6. In case of non-submission of transport fee the matter will be dealt as per account policy.

**Admission Granted in school does not secure the school transport. Transport facility will only be provided as per the availability of the transport to the applied route and seating space. It would be confirmed to you from the transport in charge once you have submitted the school dues for the same.**

**The school also offers a one stop policy wherein the certain numbers of students will be picked up from one common point without any stops on the way. It will be provided on a selective basis and will have a separate fee structure. The facility is provided to support parents.

All Stops Name

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