Know VIDYA Founders Vision

Vidya Global School (VGS) was founded in 2008 by a group of educators who wanted our region's children to have an opportunity for interdisciplinary education that met the whole child's needs.

They sought to develop an international educational atmosphere that would foster self-reliant, self-disciplined children who would grow to adulthood with a life-long love of learning and the ability and desire to contribute to society positively.

International education classrooms are built on personal responsibility and respect for the other individuals in the environment. Children who rise to these expectations — and whose parents take them home — typically go on to become successful, well-adjusted young adults who do not hesitate to make positive contributions to their community and world.

The values and concepts of the International methods are a perfect fit as a vehicle to carry through the ideals imagined by the school's founders. Since adopting the International curriculum, VGS has continued to expand its enrolment and facilities and mature in its educational philosophy and mission.

History and Journey

Vidya Global School is an International, Cambridge IGCSE and CBSE K12 curriculum school located in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Being one of the best and the only IB schools in Meerut, Vidya provides a wide array of national & international curriculums and different admission plans to suit individual students. VGS is affiliated with the International Baccalaureate (IB, Geneva), the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme (Candidate School), Cambridge IGCSE and the Delhi-based Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

The premier day-cum-residential school is one of the best schools in Meerut, India, when it comes to the infrastructure: a 75-acre, WiFi-enabled campus with spacious classrooms, multimedia library, computerised labs, and world-class sports facilities.

Vidya Global School, Meerut was the first school to be launched as an IB school under the international education umbrella in 2008. The institution was the first, day-cum-residential School in Meerut to be affiliated with the IB curriculum. In 2015, the group added the CBSE curriculum to its wing.

While preserving the best in traditional Indian and International education and culture, Vidya has opted for a student-centred system with ample opportunities for project work and discovery learning, guided by a well-qualified international teaching faculty with generous access to quality in service-training.

Since Vidya opened its doors to IB, Cambridge and CBSE curriculum, it has met the unique needs of intelligent children who learn differently and fail to achieve their academic potential in traditional classroom settings.

Vidya was designed to create an environment where learning can challenge the students' experience and they develop joy and success in learning. Through specific multisensory teaching techniques and scriptural encouragement, the Vidya staff introduces students to new academic accomplishment levels and the hope of a bright future.

At present, Vidya is the only IB school in Meerut.

What makes Vidya a truly global school is its pledge to nurture considerate, accomplished and globally aware citizens who are ready to assume responsibility for making the world a better place.