At Vidya Global School, we believe that the new technological tools have the power to support knowledge acquisition, enable creative expression, and foster lifelong learning. We also recognize the need to teach students to be responsible, informationally literate digital citizens and have adopted the Standards to guide the development of our technology program from Kindergarten to Senior Secondary

Student assignments, School calendars, and family directories can be accessed through our student information system. Students along with the faculty and staff, utilize the Google Apps for Education suite to communicate and collaborate.

We want all our learners to be actively engaged and leave no stone untouched. Students are also encouraged to develop their learning in relevance to their real world and develop them physically, emotionally and ethically.


Vidya global School is a technology driven institute as digital technologies are everywhere and they bring many exciting opportunities for students. Each classroom at VGS is equipped with a projector with audio system where students can avail the facility of internet applications and video technology. VGS provides technology based opportunities to support these learner in developing a number of skills including multimedia communication, creativity and innovation, resourcefulness, problem solving, digital citizenship, etc.

Learning can and should be anywhere-anytime process. Hence, the complexity of learning is broken by using Tata Class Edge( smart board) which makes learning and education process the more effective method and makes it a fun activity.

With a digital and wi-fi support, the campus is student-friendly, with universal access to IT and other technological support, students become aware from the outset that learning can and should be ‘Anywhere-Anytime’.s