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The development of literacy skills and the acquisition of knowledge are paramount to progress in education. The VGS Library consists of both resource collections and physical workspaces to cater students’ needs. The library is constantly reviewed, validated and authenticated so that it fuels the needs of our students.

The mission of the Library is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information, and to promote reading. The school library is a reservoir of more than 8000 books which play a vital role in building a progressive community. It supports and enriches the curriculum and provides materials for recreational reading, listening and viewing. Age appropriate best storybooks, along with vast reading material, audiovisual resources are also available for the children of all age groups.

VGS library collection comprises of books, magazines, CD’s, journals, e-resources, games, periodicals, newspapers in hard copy, audio visuals, tablets …. which aid to students’ research and motivate them to become independent learners.

Vidya Global School library has a full-time librarian and assistant librarian. The library facility is equipped with computer workstations, which afford students, faculty and staff access to the internet.

Library staff makes it a priority to assist students with their projects. It is mandatory for the teachers to include library visits during which students are helped in locating reference resources with library manners. Students are encouraged to get the books issued from the library every week so that reading habit can be inherited in them.